10th of September
kl. 13.00 - 14.30

Parade starts at 12:00pm
 Bispegata/Ytre Kongsgård
More information further below**

Join us for this year’s pride parade to make the celebration bigger and better than ever. Let’s show Trønder-unity and support for a more open and inclusive society! 

For many, the parade is the highlight of Pride. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can once again invite you all to a full-scale celebration of queer liberation and pride. Everyone who wishes to join the parade is welcome, there is no need to sign up. We expect many thousands in this year’s parade, so it would be a good idea to show up well in advance. Remember to bring good shoes and dress for the weather. Trondheim Pride encourages all participants to bring a pride flag of their choice. You can support Trondheim Pride by buying flags and other goodies directly from us in advance of the parade.

Where does my organisation show up?

Participants with placement in group A-D
Where: Bispegata

Participants with placement in group E-G
Where: Ytre Kongsgård

Just want to participate in the parade?

If you yourself want to partake in the parade, you do not need to pre-register. Everyone that wants to join can turn up and join the parade! If you wish, you can register for the event below to receive updates and a small reminder.

Important information

Music, dance or other performances are fine as long as they do not violate Trondheim Pride’s guidelines or get in the way of the parade. If your group wants to showcase a queer political message with banners or posters, this can be reported in advance to Trondheim Pride. Messages that conflict with FRI’s policy and guidelines adopted by Trondheim Pride are not desired. The same goes for pure commercial contributions and marketing promotions.

After the parade, it will be possible to attend a celebration with appeals and cultural elements at the Town Square. There will be stands set up where partners for this year’s festival can present themselves before and after the parade. On Saturday, 10th September, there will also be a Rainbow Fair in Nidaros Cathedral at 10:00 and a PRIDE PARTY at Byscenen from 19:00.

Do you have any questions? Send a message to our Head of Parade
Siv Stendahl
Phone: +47 99006533

Do you have questions about politics, opinion content and press inquiries?
Send a message to the Leder off Trondheim Pride!
Eivind Rindal
Phone: +47 99481832