Alternativ Parade



Start:  Parking lot –  Katedralskolen.
Startup time: 12.00 – 12.45

This year, Trondheim Pride will consist of 800 participants. We in Trondheim Pride have selected 400 representatives from teams and associations, and will release 400 tickets intended for the people of Trondheim.

Even though the number of people allowed to participate may seem low, being a part of Pride is still an important symbolic action and we hope you want to take part this year as well.

The Parade is a celebration of diversity and love, and we encourage everyone who is invited to take part in this years parade – whether you are queer yourself, have a friend or a familymember who is, or just simply wish to show your support to colleagues or employees. The parade is and has been the most central part of Pride, and we hope that we can make that happen this year as well.

This year’s slogan is: Vi går for 1000.
This is to show that although not everyone can physically participate this year due to the pandemic, the guests and those with a purchased ticket will still be able to mark the occasion and the importance of Pride.

To participate in this years pride, you will have to purchase a ticket (free), which will be traded in for a bracelet:

The parade is divided in four zones; 2 for teams and associations and 2 for the population of the city.
Tickets for the two different zones will be out for sale. 200 tickets for the red zone, and 200 tickets for the blue zone.

The tickets for the red zone will be put out for sale via Hoopla on the 29th of august at 11.00.

The tickets for the blue zone will be put out for sale via Hoopla on the 1st of September at 11.00.

The parade ends in Munkegata north of the town square. There will be no shows or appeals after the parade. At the town square, there will be stands and stalls all Saturday from 10.30. There will also be the opportunity to buy food from food trucks and from the Farmer’s Market.
If you are a team or association that has not received an invitation, we apologize.

We have decided to prioritize teams and associations that have collaborated with us or have shown engagement for Trondheim Pride. Unfortunately, there is no more room for any more teams and associations, and the invitations have already been sent out. It is with heavy hearts that we can not send out an invite to a lot of supportive associations in this year’s alternative parade. We hope to see you there with us for the 2022 parade.

*We urge everyone to follow the advice and instructions given from the authorities about infection control.

Important Information

    • Everyone has to trade their tickets in for participant bracelets. This has to be done in Trondheim Pride’s booth at the town square, by the square stage.
    • You have to come get your bracelet for the parade by Thursday on the 9th of September at 18.00.
    • If you do not have the opportunity to pick up your bracelet by the given deadline, please do not buy a ticket.
    • The participant bracelet has to be placed directly on the arm when you trade in your ticket, as it cannot be used by others. The bracelet has a fastener that makes it so it can not be possible to take on and off. It is therefore not possible to trade in tickets for bracelets for anyone other than yourself.
    • Registered teams and associations have their own process for collecting participant bracelets. See invitation.
    • You can only march in the parade with people in the same zone as you; a person with a participating bracelet in the red zone, can not walk with a person who has a bracelet in the blue zone. This applies during the march itself.
    • There is a limit of 5 tickets per person.

Do you have any questions? Send a message to the Head of Parade.
Siv Stendahl
Mob: 99006533

Do you wish to get tickets to the Parade?
Follow the link below.