Does your group/company wish to participate? Apply here!

It’s finally time for this year’s most important parade!

September 14th, Trondheim Pride Parade will go from Trondheim Katedralskole. The parade starts moving at 12.30, but will start organizing from 11.30 and 

onwards. After the parade, there will be a paradeshow, and we can promise you a good time! Only groups/companies need to fill out the form. The parade is for everyone!


1. Purpose of the parade
Trondheim Pride is one of Norways most important celebrations of queer culture and diversity. It’s a yearly festival with a purpose to make the queer culture visible in Trondheim and make it safe for anyone to participate. The parade is a commemoration and a celebration of the queer movement with values like unity, openness and inclusion. To participate in the parade you can not be against these values. 

2. Meeting and participation
The leader of the group will notify their attendance to the parade coordinator of the volunteers in uniforms when they arrive at Parade day. More information about placement and order will be sendt after det deadline for applyment is out. The parade is for everyone, for all ages. We encourage all participats to follow norwegian laws and all guidelines given by Trondheim Pride, police, fire department or Trondheim Kommune both before, during and after the parade. You are not allowed to drink alcohol or use drugs during the parade. The parade route will be made official soon. 

3. Enrollment
If you want to participate in the parade as a group and have contribution, you need to fill out the form. The enrollment need a detailed description of the contribution and contact information for one responsible. Will there be some changes, please contact right away. Groups that apply after the deadline (1th september), meeting up late of does not follow the rules of the parade, may get denied access to the parade. 

4. Marketing
You are not allowed to promote products or services in the parade. Participation are meant for groups to show that you support a diverse and including society. The parade is mainly for all non-commercial participants. With an exception of:

  • The commercial participants has a sponsorship-agreement with Trondheim Pride. 
  • Te purpose of participation is to show diversity among the employees for the company, and there wont be promotion for products or services.
  • Commercial participants includes everyone that have a purpose of business. Trondheim Pride decides who is commercial and not.

Contribution can not be against Trondheim Prides values and can not in any way be discriminating against minority groups or other groups. Trondheim Pride will decide what discrimination is. Trondheim Pride have the right to dismiss people or/and groups that in any way are against our values.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the parade.

Happy Pride!

Any questions? Contact: