For many the Parade is the highlight of Pride. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can once again invite you all to a full-scale celebration of queer liberation and pride. Everyone who wants to join the parade is welcome, there is no sign-up necessary. We expect thousands of people in this year’s parade, so it would be best if those of you who plan to participate show up well in advance. Remember to bring good shoes and dress for the weather. 

About us

This year, Trondheim Pride is celebrating 25 years! The first time the festival was held here was back in 1997. For the last 25 years, Trondheim Pride has been known by different names, but we’ve always had the same goal from the beginning. We want to provide the city with an open, safe environment to to be out, loud and proud, and to make all to feel welcomed and celebrated!

Would you like to support Trondheim Pride? 

Trondheim Pride is organized by volunteers and depends on volunteering and financial support to be able to carry out the festival. For 25 years, volunteers and partners have lined up and ensured the festival takes place here in the city.

Do you want to support the work of Trondheim Pride?
You can support us by using vipps “525393” or buying Trondheim Pride Merch in the town center during the festival.


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