Trondheim Pride 2020

Trondheim Pride is Trøndelag's annual Pride festival, which started in 1997, and is a organization related to FRI Trøndelag. Every year, debates are held in Pride House, parade, social gatherings, concerts and parties to celebrate queer culture. We are here to show that Trondheim is an open, inclusive, diverse and proud city, and we hope that you will celebrate with us!
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COVID-19 UPDATE As you all know we are in a difficult situation which might feel scary and a bit unreal. It is in times like these it is important to stand together in solidarity, and practice social distancing in order to stop the spreading of COVID-19.
A while back the goverment announced no larger events before the 1st of September. This means it's difficult to tell what will happen with Trondheim Pride this year, but as of now we are NOT cancelling.

In the meantime, keep being optimistic, take care of each other and hopefully we can celebrate Trondheim Pride together 04th - 13th of September 2020.

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To create this year’s Pride festival in Trondheim we hope YOU will join our team! As a volunteer in Trondheim Pride, you will get to know many great people and be part of a volunteer party after the festival! In addition to this, all volunteers gets t-shirts and accreditation cards! Apply if you want to help create Trondheim’s most colorful and diverse festival! Do you want to help out? Why not send us an email?

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